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Providing our clients with a new perspective of their bodies and health

SHE Health and Wellness is here to offer women of all ages patient-centered, individualized care in a comfortable, inviting and safe environment.  Our mission is to promote positive images of women and women’s health and provide our clients with a new perspective on their bodies and health. We strive to provide total care and preventative services for women–through all the stages of their lives. We hope to provide community outreach and support to those organizations that help empower, support and showcase women.  Additionally, we hope to provide cost-conscious care in an environmentally friendly way!  Our goal is to empower women through support, education, self-help and services so that they can make appropriate choices for their individual health and well-being.

Annual Exams

Pap smears (test for cervical cancer) are recommended every 3-5 years. During a pap smear, a clinician use a speculum to examine your cervix. It is recommended to start getting a pap smear at age 21.

Health and Wellness

From pap smears to STD testing, from cholesterol screening to fertility investigations–We are happy to offer a wide range of health screening and counseling services,  individualized weight loss plans and nutrition counseling. We also perform  PCOS testing and treatments,  menopause counseling and hormone replacement, Endometriosis evaluations, surgeries and management,  and even help getting pregnant!  

Convenient, One-on-One Appointments

We offer appointments that work around your schedule and life.   Once a month, we host an evening”Wine-and-Gyn” clinic for busy women who can’t or don’t want to take time out of their work days. And we are here for urgent appointments as well: even same day and walk-ins.  Currently we are accepting new patients! And […]

Pessaries! Fittings and Options

Leaking when sneezing? Unable to take your favorite exercise class due to urine loss?  Feeling the pressure of a dropping uterus?  We can help you!  Pessaries are fun!  Made of flexible silicone and available in so many different shapes and sizes-Dr. Putnam is happy to personally fit you for the right size and type of […]

IUDs and Birth Control

Come hear about birth control options and pick the best option for you!  We offer multiple types of IUDS, Nexplanon, Injections, pills/patches and rings and surgical sterilization for women.  Don’t be afraid of pain!  Dr. Putnam can provide pain relief and numbing for procedures and IUD insertions and she uses ultrasounds for every IUD insertion […]

Pregnancy Tests and Consults

Pregnancy tests in the office with counseling and support. Prenatal care available here and second opinions.



Thanks for your personalized care Dr. Putnam! You listened and figured out my issue in record time, without making me feel like I was exaggerating my pain. Cannot thank you enough for your phone calls & emails to talk me through my various options and answer my questions. You helped me accomplish a quick resolution that was best for me, and I’m so much happier & healthier now.

Sarah Rainwater

The “Vag Shack” fixed my lady probs

With time, care, education, ease, and humor Dr. Claire Putman fitted me with a pessary. This little plastic device that looks like a diaphragm changed my life. If you’re like me and have bladder leakage problems it could change yours too. Now I do not leak urine at all! No more embarrassment. I feel free to work out, run, hike our mountains, backcountry ski, dance, shovel snow, and even jump on the trampoline with my kids! I had been other places in town and had been improperly fitted. Dr. Claire Putnam really is our best option in the valley.


Lucky Lucky Bozeman!

I met Dr. Putnam at Kaiser for an annual exam. She was professional and also very warm and managed to make a time constrained visit seem unrushed. I have since had the privilege of working with her in my role as a Certified Nurse Midwife in California. She is a wonderful colleague and a joy to work with. She truly cares about women and their families and is an excellent physician. Montana women are very fortunate to have such a skilled and compassionate provider!

Sallie Hill

One of Our First Patients!

“I can’t thank Dr. Putnam enough for all of her support, kindness and wisdom figuring out some of my female stuff!  I feel so lucky to have her help and am feeling happier and more confident knowing that I have an amazing doctor that has my back!” 


Thank You Dr. Putnam!!!

“I am so lucky I found Dr. Putnam at SHE!  She offered me options that weren’t give to me when I saw another physician.  Because of her, I made the right decision for me, ended up paying much less, and had great care!  And I love her beautiful office–cute, private and comfortable!”

Vino and Vulvas

Vino and Vulvas

Join us for a FABULOUS night of painting the VULVA with Dr. Claire Putnam OB/GYN

Pregnant, Obese and In Danger

Pregnant, Obese and In Danger

From the NY Times opinion article by Dr. Putnam, the topic of the danger of obese pregnancies is discussed with stories from the delivery room.

Hey Bozeman!  We are Open!

Hey Bozeman! We are Open!

SHE Health and Wellness is officially open! This is the perfect community to help set up a clinic for women, by women, for the community, in the community and helping to advance women's health throughout the state.

We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Pacific Source, Cigna/Allegiance, and United Health.