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SHE Health Closed September 6th But Will Be Open For Limited Services…

It is with sadness that we closed our women’s health office here in Bozeman, Montana.

This is a difficult time for healthcare, and especially women’s health. Medical insurance premiums for solo practitioners have risen substantially, insurance reimbursements have been cut by 10-15%, and we are facing increased costs and shortages of supplies. Simply put, SHE Health can no longer operate as a private solo practice in this community without additional support that is just not available.

It has been a great 4 years here in Bozeman. Who could have anticipated the COVID pandemic, historic shifts in overturning Roe v. Wade, and the incredible influx of people into our community?

We are remaining open on a limited basis to do BIRTH CONTROL, Female sterilizations, Gynecological Surgery consults and more BIRTH CONTROL! This is what Bozeman needs RIGHT NOW!  Some Same day appointments AVAILABLE. CALL US To ASK and LEAVE A MESSAGE OR EMAIL .

Health and Wellness

Focus on Birth Control and Finding which Options are good for you!  Also Healthy Weight Discussions free of Stigma! Getting healthy for pregnancy and for mental wellbeing!  

Appointments Available-Urgent Birth Control!

Appointments for consultations, Birth Control, and Sterilizations.  Currently seeing patients on a limited basis until we have more help and a clear path–but we are here for you–or can direct you to someone who can help. WE TAKE: Blue Cross/Blue Shield/ Anthem, Pacificsource, Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, EBMS and ALLEGIANCE.  We are sorry we don’t […]

FEMALE TUBAL STERILIZATIONS (permanent birth control)

We do salpingectomies!  This is for permanent, irreversible birth control. Want to find out more–watch Dr. Putnam @ TIKTOKVAGDOC and her video about what is sterilization and how we do it.

IUDs and Birth Control

Come hear about birth control options and pick the best option for you!  We offer multiple types of IUDS, Nexplanon, Injections, pills/patches and rings and surgical sterilization for women.  Don’t be afraid of pain!  Dr. Putnam can provide pain relief and numbing for procedures and IUD insertions and she uses ultrasounds for every IUD insertion […]

Pregnancy Tests and Consults

Pregnancy tests in the office with counseling and support. Prenatal care available here and second opinions.

Our Comfortable Procedure Room

Office Procedures

Treatment and evaluation of abnormal pap smears. We also help with lumps and bumps down there—from diagnosis to treatment and removal.  We also do limited pelvic ultrasounds to check IUDs, Cysts and even pregnancies.  Just ask!


“She Actually Took the Time to Listen to Me”

“I want to cry. I had seen 3 other doctors and they refused to tie my tubes. I travelled from Kalispell because I saw her on Reddit and all the reviews were so right. She met with me, talked to me about what the procedure would be like, told me that it couldn’t be reversed and even took the time to draw pictures to explain.  I am so grateful she is here! Thanks Dr. Putnam”

-C.D. back in Kalispell


Thanks for your personalized care Dr. Putnam! You listened and figured out my issue in record time, without making me feel like I was exaggerating my pain. Cannot thank you enough for your phone calls & emails to talk me through my various options and answer my questions. You helped me accomplish a quick resolution that was best for me, and I’m so much happier & healthier now.

Sarah Rainwater

The “Vag Shack” fixed my lady probs

With time, care, education, ease, and humor Dr. Claire Putman fitted me with a pessary. This little plastic device that looks like a diaphragm changed my life. If you’re like me and have bladder leakage problems it could change yours too. Now I do not leak urine at all! No more embarrassment. I feel free to work out, run, hike our mountains, backcountry ski, dance, shovel snow, and even jump on the trampoline with my kids! I had been other places in town and had been improperly fitted. Dr. Claire Putnam really is our best option in the valley.


Lucky Lucky Bozeman!

I met Dr. Putnam at Kaiser for an annual exam. She was professional and also very warm and managed to make a time constrained visit seem unrushed. I have since had the privilege of working with her in my role as a Certified Nurse Midwife in California. She is a wonderful colleague and a joy to work with. She truly cares about women and their families and is an excellent physician. Montana women are very fortunate to have such a skilled and compassionate provider!

Sallie Hill

One of Our First Patients!

“I can’t thank Dr. Putnam enough for all of her support, kindness and wisdom figuring out some of my female stuff!  I feel so lucky to have her help and am feeling happier and more confident knowing that I have an amazing doctor that has my back!” 


Thank You Dr. Putnam!!!

“I am so lucky I found Dr. Putnam at SHE!  She offered me options that weren’t give to me when I saw another physician.  Because of her, I made the right decision for me, ended up paying much less, and had great care!  And I love her beautiful office–cute, private and comfortable!”

SHE Health:  What Next?…READ BELOW

SHE Health: What Next?…READ BELOW

WE ARE OPEN ON A **LIMITED BASIS** We have appreciated all your calls and support since we closed last month Bozeman! This is our hope: To reopen and be a one stop Birth Control (i.e, abortion prevention!) and Sterilization (Take out your tubes for permanent birth control equals no more babies!) and even Vasectomies (yes–Men, […]

Follow Dr. Putnam on TikTok!

Follow Dr. Putnam on TikTok!


August Update on SHE Health closing and what next?

August Update on SHE Health closing and what next?

As the only women’s health doctor in Bozeman in private practice, I am sadly closing my clinic as you may have heard. Although my practice has been a true joy for me, there are too many obstacles for me at this time to keep it open.  My hope, like most Montanans, is to expand our […]

We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Pacific Source, Cigna/Allegiance, and United Health.