August Update on SHE Health closing and what next?

As the only women’s health doctor in Bozeman in private practice, I am
sadly closing my clinic as you may have heard. Although my practice has
been a true joy for me, there are too many obstacles for me at this time
to keep it open.  My hope, like most Montanans, is to expand our access
to quality, evidenced-based healthcare while we reduce costs and also
consider the impact to our environment.  Healthcare needs to become more
sustainable going forward as I see it—and I am drawn to the urgency of
this and to help in the ways that I can. As for women’s health, abortion
is a small but important part of women’s health–and the new decisions
and laws that are passed at the state level has made it challenging to
even understand from a medical perspective.  I think it is important to
recognize this, and to help put in place the programs and tools which
can reduce them. But banning it all together, and valuing a fetal life
over a woman’s life and circumstance is unjust. And ending abortion at a
time when we do not have the access for birth control, mental health
services and pregnancy support, in the midst of an ongoing pandemic with
healthcare shortages–is not the answer.

I am closing because I can no longer afford to stay open and because I
am simply not enough.  Financially, my medical malpractice skyrocketed
as it has for most OB/GYNs (solo practitioners pay more than groups or
hospitals per provider), my reimbursements from insurance companies like
United and Blue Cross went down 10-15% and unlike Bozeman Health,
non-profits or larger medical groups, I have to pay higher costs for
IUDs, Vaccines and all medical supplies—all of which are necessary but
in short supply these days.

I hope you will follow me on tiktok for my short videos helping to
explain women’s health topics, educate women and teens about birth
control and pregnancy, explain medical terms and highlight what is
happening behind the scenes in healthcare today.  I am #tiktokvagdoc :
why wouldn’t I be?

I also hope that you will take the time to talk with your friends,
neighbors and health care providers about what healthcare should be, how
we can make it more affordable for all, and help us come up with ways to
make it better.  As I always tell my patients, your voice is important:
now is the time to speak to each other, for each other.

–Dr. Putnam

We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Pacific Source, Cigna/Allegiance, and United Health.