SHE Health: What Next?…READ BELOW

We have appreciated all your calls and support since we closed last month Bozeman! This is our hope: To reopen and be a one stop Birth Control (i.e, abortion prevention!) and Sterilization (Take out your tubes for permanent birth control equals no more babies!) and even Vasectomies (yes–Men, your tubes too!)
We received a generous donation to help cover our insurance bill. (A requirement for any doctor just to practice) and this has set the wheels in motion to figure out a way to help women here in Bozeman the most!

One thing we will continue to see patients for now is for IUDs, Nexplanon, Birth control prescriptions and to help get women Sterilizations. We believe that increasing access to birth control quickly–is one way to help the most in MONTANA. So many women do not have access, information, or timely appointments for the birth control they need. Did you know that many of our health care centers in Montana, and clinics–do not offer women birth control like IUDS? And many do not offer Tubal sterilizations at all: either because Doctors do not do them (it takes a willing, trained OB/GYN surgeon) or because many Faith-based Hospitals here (CALL YOUR LOCAL HOSPITAL TO FIND OUT WHAT THEIR POLICY IS?) and everywhere nationally DO NOT DO THEM (they are forbidden by the church and thus, by hospital POLICY!)

This is discrimination! And this is also one of the main reasons why abortions happen. Because women cannot get birth control, and cannot get information even about all the types of birth control, they have unplanned pregnancies. Women in Montana also can’t get in to see a doctor in a timely fashion (WE HAVE A HUGE Doctor, Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant shortage right now in MT and Nationally: leading to huge wait times, cancelled appointments, and LIMITED CARE.)
Plus we are still in a COVID world–with supply shortages and healthcare limitations.

Thank you for checking in at our webpage for Updates and for spreading the word. We are not open full time but are seeing select patients for Urgent Birth control, Family Planning, Education and Sterilization consultations in as timely a manner as we can! Thanks for your support–and for supporting PLANNED Parenthood of Montana and Bridgercare for their continued support of all the Women, Men and Families of Montana!

Look for Dr. Putnam at upcoming public events speaking about Birth control, Abortions, How to Really Decrease Abortions and Improve Birth Control Access, and HOW YOUR VOTE matters!!!
-Dr. Claire Putnam, Persephone The Right-hand Assistant of SHE, and our Faithful Amazing Network Of COOL SUPPORTERS 🙂

We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Pacific Source, Cigna/Allegiance, and United Health.